For Sale

You can read more information about the size and the pricing by clicking on the images. You can also check the availability of a painting on the paintings descriptions of the individual  painting galleries. All paintings and commissions are sold unframed except those that are sold from exhibition halls or art galleries. Please contact me […]

Privacy Policy

My website doesn’t collect the/any personal data of its visitors except of their ip addresses that are recorded either way as they are needed in order to be able to connect on it and view it. So by connecting to my website you accept that your ip address is recorded. If you don’t want to […]

Bio/Contact information

Marialena Sarris is a Greek watercolour artist. Her work is represented in private collections around the globe. Many of her commissions are for portraits of all kind. People (adults, children),pets and even flower portraits. In her spare time, she sketches the fascinating world she sees around her, gathering material for her future paintings. Marialena is […]


I recommend to visit the following websites too: Lizzie Harper ( Botanical and Natural History Illustrator) Pat Harrison ( Great Paintings in Oil and Acrylics) Andre Jute ( Best Seller Author and Painter) Russ Stutler ( the semi god of urban sketching) Matthew Mattingly ( great art by an all weather artist) Brian van der […]

Migrating my website to Classic Press CMS

Hi everyone! I’m back to my blog with a bit more technical post about my website’s setup, that will probably interest those of you who have designed and run your personal portfolio websites on Wordpress and you are already fed up with the dysfunctional new default editor. If you belong to this category of people […]

New and Improved Van Gogh Watercolours Review

Royal Talens the company that produces Van Gogh watercolours, updated recently this line of watercolours by adding some new colours and improving the consistency of the already existed ones. Van Goghs are the watercolours that I favour, partly because I use them for countless years due to their high quality and affordable price but mostly […]

How to Mix Skin Tones in Watercolour

Hi! I’m back on my blog with some new tutorials and reviews. Here I share with you a rather straight forward tutorial on how to mix skin tones in watercolours. The concept is quite simple. I’ve swatched light medium and dark skin colour mixes, that are useful when you are painting realistic portraits.