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March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day as a day of remembrance of the women’s rights movement. While the first observance of Women’s Day took place on February 28, 1909 in New York, March 8 was proposed by the International Conference of Women of 1910 to establish an “International Women’s Day.”

March 25 is the National Holiday of Greece, which celebrates the Celebration of the Greek Revolution of 1821. This year marks 200 years.

Combining the above two events of exceptional importance, the cultural website www.art-profiles.net organizes and presents the 3rd online art exhibition – “Woman Evolution 200” within the project 12 MONTHS in which every month an online art exhibition is presented with the participation of contemporary visual artists under different themes.

In the exhibition “Woman Evolution 200” the artists who  participate present art works whose central theme is Woman and her Evolution in the last 200 years, from the Greek Revolution of 1821 until today. How was her role formed or changed? Are there still stereotypes that the Woman tries to exaggerate, challenge or overturn? Does it have equal rights with man? Which female personalities became role models in different fields of action in the history of the last 200 years, starting with the women who stood out for their action and strength in the Greek Revolution of 1821? All the above aspects of the themes of the online MARCH art exhibition – Woman Evolution 200 but also aspects of the inspiration of the works of contemporary artists will contribute to the final presentation of the official video clip of the exhibition at the end of March.

I am participating to the ARTIVISM: Multi Venue Global Exhibition (APRIL-MAY 2022) through the ONLINE EXHIBITION “WOMAN EVOLUTION 200” with the following artwork:

Stephanie's Portrait -© Marialena Sarris
Stephanie’s Portrait -© Marialena Sarris
You can see the works of the other participants of this online exhibition HERE
 and you can watch the video with the artoworks at the following link:
ARTpremiere, Friday, April 8 at 20:00

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