Review: Viviva Colour Sheets

There are plenty of tiny and portable watercolour kits to use for your urban sketching setup, but some are more portable that others! On this post I’m going to review the most portable of all. The Viviva Colour Sheets.

Viviva Colours is an Indian company that produces vibrant watercolour sets in the most portable form ever. In a small booklet that weights less than 40 grams.

As the watercolours are applied in sheets inside a booklet, instead of pans inside a box, the Viviva kit is smaller and thinner than any other watercolour kit I know.

The colour sheets are on both sides of the booklet’s pages and they are separated with a transparent and waterproof sheet of paper.

Each page has an indicator with the colours that it includes in order to make it easy for you to locate where each colour is.

The booklet has a waterproof piece of paper as a mixing space as well.

The Viviva Colorsheets Single Set contains 16 dye based colours that are extremely vibrant and staining.

The colours are the following.


I tested extensively these colours and here are my impressions. 

These colours are the most vibrant paints I have ever used in my life. The colours can be activated with a touch of your wet brush.. That instant activation allows you to have instantly loads of juicy colour that it is a bit tricky to control but very easy indeed to use. 

The 16 colour selection now,  is very versatile though there are some colours with similar hues. As you can see on the colour swatches above the Vermillion and the Dusk Orange look quite similar but give similar colour mixes too while the two reds have very similar hues. The colour selection lacks a deep brown as the B. Umber colour looks more like a R. Sienna than a B. Umber. 

But other than the above the overall colour selection is very good.

Another thing that I found a bit tricky on using the colours is that there is no chance to turn the pages of the booklet without staining your fingers, if you hold the booklet on your hands. The best way to use the booklet IMHO is to clip the bottom cover  of the booklet, with a paper clip on your sketchbook and turn the pages while it is attached on the sketchbook,  otherwise will end up with this:


If you avoid to stain your fingers the final results will simply amaze you. This is one of the sketches I made with these colours.

So to conclude. The Viviva Coloursheets are the most portable watercolour set that you can currently find on the market. They are super portable, extremely vibrant, heavily pigmented and staining and activate instantly with the tiniest drop of water. 

If you love colour I would suggest to give them a try . You can buy these colour from here. ( NOT affiliated link). 

You can comment and tell me your impressions on these colours on the comments below. All comments are moderated in order to avoid spam but never censored so feel free to speak your mind. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this review. 

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