Alexandroupolis travel journal

Back from my holidays and I have already uploaded my travel journal sketches.

Kerveros Tug at Alexandroupolis Port Sketch

This trip was marked by small but quite irritating disasters that had mostly to do with my equipment and the weather in Alexandroupolis. As this city is a coastal one, with hot and humid climate, working on 300grs all cotton paper was not a good idea at all. The first week had some sudden storms too, bourinia as they are called here. As you understand these made sketching outdoors a really troublesome task.

It was a huge mistake to take with me three of my custom made sketchbook with Saunders Waterford White 300 grs paper. Though this paper performs great in Athens where the weather is usually hot and dry, in the humid environment of Alexandroupolis this 100% cotton paper was a real disaster. It didn’t dry, no matter how long I waited to do so and when at last did so it made my sketches looking blurry and without clear outlines. It seemed to suck also all the colour I applied on its surface making my sketches looking faded too.

Some of my sketches’ pages stuck the one on the other when I closed the sketchbook and I needed a knife to separate them and generally all the plain air landscape sketches needed double the work I usually do in order to look relatively decent.

I didn’t have and I didn’t manage to find at the local market an alternative paper in sheets or sketchbook to use, so I kept on sketching on my sketchbooks with the results you are going to see below.

But enough with moaning, my sketching trip was not a 100% disaster after all. I came back with some decent sketches and plenty of interesting photographs from beautiful sunsets and a collection of tiny shells that I gathered at the local beaches.

So let me present you my sketches and in the end of this post you’ll find a direct link to download my sunsets and sea shells photographs just in case you want to use them as reference photographs for your own sketches and paintings.

This is Alexandroupolis Lighthouse. This lighthouse was supposed to be placed on the edge of the city, next to the coast, but the city got larger after 1930’s and now this light house in the middle of a very nice coastal road, but quite far away from sea.

Home view from Nea Hilli

These are three sketches that show the view from the house I stayed. This house is located at one of Alexandroupolis suburbs that is called New Hili. Full of hills with cropped fields this suburb has a Tuscany feeling ( only if the power lines were not there)!

You can see above tow sketches from from Alexandroupolis port. It was the day that a couple of really strong summer storms hit the city and I think that it was a good idea to use my Pilot G tec- C4 pen to sketch the port while it rained.

The boat had this awkward bow and this strange downward ship bridge.. I don’t know if tug boats look this way but I assume that they do so.

This is a quite interesting sketch, one of those crazy things that I sketch sometimes. I sketched Makri’s bay at night hour, with no light at all, while I was fishing on the port’s dock. The paper refused to dry for one more time and in between I caught a sea bream ( yeah!), my companion fall in the sea ( ha ha ha ) and a sea gull stole one of our fishes. Quite an eventful evening and sketch too.

And here is my ultimate sketch disaster. I started drawing the people in front of me while I was sitting in a beautiful beach bar called Ocean 6. It was impossible to add colour on spot as it was quite windy and sand was spread all over. When I got home though I had already  forget what I wanted to add on my skech, so I added randomly my colours and I left this sketch half finished. You see I didn’t think to take a reference photo sitting under the sun in such a beautiful beach.

I got a small collection of tiny shells though, that I photographed them using my cameras macro settings as they are so tiny that there was no way to sketch them without a magnify glass.Here is a sample of these photographs that you can download them all from HERE

Tiny Shell close up

And here are some of the sketches that I’ve made from these photographs.

Tiny Shells Collection


Tiny Shells Collection 3


Tiny Shells Collection 2- Watercolour Sketches – Artist Marialena Sarris – © August 2015


And I shot this glorious sunset .. The full set of photographs in HD you can get them by clicking HERE.


And that were my sketching adventures in Alexandroupolis.

Hope you liked my first blog post  though I’m not feeling comfortable when on blogging. Please feel free to comment or ask something on the comments below.





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