Privacy Policy

My website doesn’t collect the/any personal data of its visitors except of course of their ip adresses that I can see them either way and they are needed in order to be able to connect on it and view it.

So by connecting to my website you accept that I can see your ip address. If you don’t want to be identified by your ip address it is your responsibility to find a way to hide it.

The comments on the blog area have to be published via Disqus that is an external comment platform. Any personal information given by you on this platform is given under Disqus User Agreement on which you have agreed when you signed up on Disqus.

I retain my right to moderate or delete offensive or spam comments but I don’t have any access to the personal data of those who use the Disqus platform in order to comment on my blog.

My website is not connected to and doesn’t offer any connection buttons to any kind of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or others, while the Ko-fi button redirects you to Ko-fi website which is unrelated and non affiliated on whatever regards privacy issues with my own website. Whatever services are offered there are under Ko-fi user agreement.

My website is not connected either with Google’s services like Google analytics, Google’s ad sense etc. while it is advertisement free too.